Monday, November 7, 2022

9th of Kislev

On December 03, 2022 is the 9th of the Hebrew month of Kislev, you can win the "jackpot": 

There is a Segulah for the 9th hour of the 9th day of the 9th month of the year (Counting from the month of Nisan), which is a great moment of 'Et Ratzon (Favorable time conducive to prayers ). In that hour, 9 minutes of a celestial flow are conducive to deliverances of all kinds.   

 Saturday 9th Kislev 
-in Santo Domingo, this moment will take place between 15:56 and 16:06
- in Port-Au-Prince, this moment will take place between 15:06-15:16

- in Montreal this moment will take place between 16:16-16:26
- in Israel, this moment will take place between 15:22 and 15:33

- Other countries: People who live in other countries, may recite their prayers for this blessed occasion, in their own homes when it is 15:31 pm,  Israel Time. Which are 7 hours later in Eastern Canada and the United States that is at 6:42 am (Montreal, Toronto, New York and Ottawa)

Since, this year, this moment will take place during a Shabbat day, where it is forbidden to make personal demands, it will be necessary to recite Tehillim while THINKING about such requests that one would normally make on a week day. 

Do not forget to pray for the community of the people of Israel 

The oldest source of this Segulah appears in the book Brit Menuchah Rav Shamay Ha'Gaon. Rabbi Chaim Vital teaches us in the preface to his book Etz Chaim that the book Brit Menuchah is of a very great depth and was written by a Tzadik who studied with Elyahu Ha'Navi. 

This book, filled with Ruach Ha'Kodesh (divine spirit) and secrets that have never been revealed, teaches us the following: "The 9th month is the best of all months, the 9th day of this month is one of a kind, and the 9th is the the most suitable hour of the day. " 

On this special hour, it is written in the book Chesed Le’Avraham of Hida': it is an propitious time, a favorable hour to success, and it is the 9th sphere of the foundation, a conduit of blessings. 

We interviewed Rav Shmuel Halévi Wozner during his lifetime on this Segulah and he stated at the beginning of his answer "that this is a very serious subject and should not be taken lightly. ". 

Rabbi Edelstein, Rosh-Yeshivat Poniewitz adds that "this good time has been validated by Heaven, and has been prepared since the beginning of the creation of the world."