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Ki moun ki te Jida oswa Yehuda? Yehuda oswa Jida se te katriyèm pitit gason Jakòb la li te ye, pitit gason Izaak la, pitit gason Abraham nan, chèf Letènèl sou Latè a (Jenèz 23:6), Yehuda se pitit Jakòb, tout pèp Izrayèl la jodi a, jwif yo, yo konnen, pawòl Jide a se te teritwa li nou te konnen an ak abitan li yo se jwif yo nou konnen an; epi youn nan desandan Yehouda yo pral Mesi a ( Jenèz 29:35 ; 49:8–12 ).

Yehudah se yon tribi ki desandan Jida, ki gen teritwa tribi ki rele Jida (Yehudah) te vin tounen nwayo wayòm David la epi, apre wayòm nan te divize an Izrayèl ak Jida, wayòm sid Jida a, ak Jerizalèm kòm sant li.

Poukisa Yehuda ak pitit gason l yo te rete jwif yo jouk jounen jodi a?

Ki merit Yehuda genyen?

Ki rekonpans Yehudah pral resevwa nan men Etènèl la paske li te kenbe flanbo Tora a vivan ak tout ansèyman sakre Etènèl la?

Nan Haftarah Shabbat ki tonbe sou Hanukkah (Zak 2:14-4:7) nou jwenn yon lide sou rekonpans Yehudah ak jwif yo.

Nan haftarah sa a ki li sou Shabbat Hanukkah nou jwenn yon vizyon sou Menorah an lò nan tanp lan nan lavil Jerizalèm. Fòme yon pati nan yon pwofesi ki te kominike pa pwofèt Zakari a yon ti tan anvan konstriksyon Dezyèm Tanp lan.

Haftarah sa a kòmanse ak yon deskripsyon byen klè sou lajwa ki pral genyen ann Izrayèl lè Bondye etènèl la finalman retounen vin etabli Jerizalèm, li di nou konsa:

"Chante, fè kè nou kontan, pitit fi Siyon an, paske mwen pral vin rete nan mitan nou, mwen menm Seyè a di."

Jou sa a, anpil nasyon pral atache ak BONDYE epi yo pral tounen pèp Bondye a, e Bondye pral rete nan mitan nou. Lè sa a, n'a konnen se Bondye ki gen tout pouvwa a ki te voye m' ba ou.
וְנָחַ֨ל יְהֹוָ֤ה אֶת־יְהוּדָה֙ חֶלְק֔וֹ עַ֖ל אַדְמַ֣ת ־יְהוּדָה֙ חֶלְק֔וֹ עַ֖ל אַדְמַ֣ת ־ימַ֣ת ְמַ֣ת יששבַ֣ת ַ֨ל ָחַ֥ר ע֖וֹד בִּירוּשָׁלָֽ͏ִם׃
BONDYE pral reklame Jida kòm yon pòsyon espesyal nan Tè Sent la—epi l ap chwazi Jerizalèm ankò.
הַ֥ס כׇּל־בָּשָׂ֖ר מִפְּנֵ֣י יְהֹוָ֑ה כִּ֥י נֵע֖וֹר מִפְּנֵמ֣י ֽׁוֹ׃ {פ}
Fè silans, tout moun, devan BONDYE!
Paske [Bondye] leve soti nan kay ki apa pou Bondye a.

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Read below to learn about his conversion story to Judaism as he shares his own story to the Israelis media.

You will discover the amazing story of a wonderful Gaza man who all he wanted was to live. He wanted to live a normal life of a human being with dignity and respect for the life of others; and so he grew up to find out the only way realize his simple dream was to leave Gaza all together for good. And so he planned escaping to Israel and converted to Judaism and found life, love and an adoptive family.

Dor Shachar, said in an interview with the Israeli Media:   

"In Gaza, there are no such a thing as a citizen who opposes Hamas. To prevent this from happening, If necessary, the Terrorist and indoctrinators will murder any one and that include Jews, Christians, and even their own Muslim brothers,"  

I was born in Khan Yunis, in the Gaza Strip, birth name was Ayman Abu Suboh, this my story of how I escaped to Israel, converted to Judaism, got married as a Jew to a Jewish woman and now we live in the city of Rishon LeZion in Israel.

Shachar continues: 

"In Gaza, the people are affiliated with organizations such as Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, Fatah, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine [PFLP], and many others. All these organizations are criminals who support the killing of Jews. Some of these organizations have infiltrated the Gaza Strip. What everyone needs to know is that this is a religious war; the ideal goal of these people is to take over the entire world."

When Shachar was a child growing up in Gaza he was taught in their brainwashing doctrines that Jews were all murderers, land grabbers who stole his ancestors' homeland and that he needed to fight them to the very last drop of blood. 

He went on saying: 

"I remember an incident about some Israeli soldiers who had joined us for a soccer game in the neighborhood. I was maybe around 6 years old," 

Shachar recalled. 

"After the game, one of the soldiers called me, and he placed something in my hand, and closed it for me.

"After a few seconds, I opened my hand and I found a candy. I quickly opened it and it was so tasty. I took the candy wrapper home and showed it to my dad; I just wanted him to buy me candies like that. But my father asked me about the origin where I got this wrapper, and I explained to him that I got it from the Jews, from the soldiers. 

He got up, and in his anger, he warned me:

"Don't you ever take anything from the Jews, be aware next time because those Jewish soldiers could poison everything they give you."

Education in Gaza was focused on martyrdom, not life skills

When Shachar had turned 7 years old, he recalled that all the students of his classroom were prepared welcome a new teacher at school who came in with brilliant idea, she was very excited to present to us what in her words was going to be a very special lesson for that day. Shachar was very happy to be in finally in school, because in his mind that would eventual culminate with him one day fulfilling his dream to be a doctor, he thought to himself, hopefully this new teacher would groom me in preparation to further my education to become a doctor. 

However, his bubble quickly bursted as that teacher started talking and explaining how the Jews were murderers of children, men, women, and the elderly. And she went on puking her anti Jews venom: "The Jews stole your grandfather's land, and you have to fight for get the land back, and whoever dies in that struggle will be a martyr and that person will have the privilege to get into paradise. And the straw that broke the camel's back was that she concluded by saying that Jews even had three legs."

Exactly At that moment, Shachar felt sick. Immediately felt that his happiness had turned into a nightmare, and he told the teacher that I didn't feel well and needed to go to the bathroom. But the response that he got was a slap on the cheek and he was lead to the principal's office on the act. The principal asked him to stand facing the wall and gave him a slap and flog his back with a rubber whip:

"oh man that beating really hurt, I am still marked by it. Then the principal demanded that my father come to school with me. The next day, my father came with me to the school and went into the principal's office. He scolded me and told me that I needed to kill Jews."

Then Shachar was asked: Is it possible that your father was influenced by the ideology of the PFLP, which was active during that period, or did he genuinely believe in what he was taught? Did your father ever change his views?

Shachar explained that his father worked in Israel for 27 years, and despite all that time spent in Israel, he at home, preached and advocated for the murder of Jews. Even in the schoolbooks, it was written that we should behave this way because Jews took the land from the Palestinians. 

"My father took all this indoctrination really serious, so when I got home, I saw that my father had hung a rope from the ceiling and threatened to hang me. He also lit a gas stove there and threatened to burn me. My mother was not allowed to intervene."
And regardless of all of his father's threats and intimidation, Shachar did not align with his father's views and demands. 

Someone sees in this a similarity with the story of Abraham Avinu. In which way? Well, although Shachar never heard any Deity's voice ordering him to leave Gaza; In hindsight, it's like the biblical instruction that God gave to Abraham in the Parashat 'Lech Lecha' – 'Go away from your homeland and from the house of your father in to the land that I will show you.' 

In fact Shachar feels like a messenger of the Jewish people. His mission is to warn Jews of dangers. 

"We are all messengers in this world."



When Shachar had turned 11, he finally got exposed to Israelis Jews for the first time as he boarded a bus travelling  to Israel without his parents' knowledge. And commented about his main curiosity at the time:

"I was so curious to see and I told myself this is my chance to discover those Jews with three legs, I want to see this thing with my own eyes. 

I arrived at 6:30 in the morning and saw a couple walking in Rishon LeZion. They passed by me, and I looked closely, searching for their third leg, "

"I knew it, it was all a fairy tail!. "

"Towards evening, he went back home in Gaza and when he saw his father. It was very strange because he was only supposed to be back on Thursday. Something or someone caused him to return sooner. 

And so he asked me where I had been, and I told him, with the sheep. 


"He told him, 'Don't lie to me!' But he didn't punish him; he just asked the boy to go to sleep. He knew the boy had been to Israel; because the people on the bus, some of those people maybe recognized him, and probably told him that they the boy went to Israel. 

The next day, Shachar's father took him along to accompany him to the construction site where he worked. And he allowed the boy to prepare concrete and to carry it in buckets over a long distance. It was very heavy, but it didn't matter to him."

And as Shachar turned 12 his father took him for good to become one of the workers in the construction sites inside Israel. But at age 13 he ran away from his home in Gaza, and did not return to the Gaza strip untill he reached the age of 19 or so.


Shachar managed to find a job, he got hired as a security guard at a construction project in Rishon LeZion, where he met Nissim, who would later become his adoptive father, Mamash like his angel. Shachar had also another adoptive Jewish family, Gur, and Amira Tzabar, and he is in touch with both families.

About Nissim, he said, "He is realy like an angel For me, he to me like the type of father that I never had. People like him cannot be easily found. That's why I said we are all messengers, and as far as I'm concerned, God sent me an angel. Later, he and his wife taught me to read and write Hebrew; they taught me to love."

Afterward, Nissim had invited him to celebrate the Passover Seder with him and his family, and then Shachar decided to become Jewish. 

"I told him I wanted to be Jewish. 

He said: Hold on there; what did you say?' 

and I repeated the words. But he was so surprised by what came out of my mouth. He told me that whoever is Jewish remains Jewish, whoever is Muslim remains Muslim, and whoever is Christian remains Christian, but I didn't accept that.

“After when Nissim finally understood my intentions and so my determination, he himself set up a meeting with the rabbinate for me. The rabbi agreed to convert me but demanded a special letter from the family because I was a minor. I explained to him that I had no contact with my family, and if I asked them for such a letter, they would kill me. He advised me to wait until I turned 18."

I was disappointed. A year later, at the age of 17, a Palestinian murdered a girl named Helena Rapp in Bat Yam [in 1992], shocking the entire country. The government decided to expel all the Arabs so that there would be no revenge. Every time I saw the police, I would run away. After three or four months, the government decided to bring in workers over the age of 40, which meant that I became an illegal worker."

"At the age of 18, I went to a rabbi at the rabbinate and told him I was 18 and asked him to convert me. He said that because of the security situation, I needed special permission from the state to stay. I returned to live at the construction site. One day, a police patrol stopped me there, and they arrested me. I ran away naked because I was in the middle of taking a shower. When they asked me why I ran away, I told them I was scared.

"I told them I wanted to be Jewish. They took me back to the construction site and told me to stay there. They gave me their phone number and told me that if I saw illegal Arabs, I should report them, and I agreed. They emphasized that if another officer arrived, I should tell them I was from Kafr Qasim because they were allowed [since this municipality isn’t in Judea and Samaria, but rather within the Green Line].”

This Post is still under work ....

But then the plans got messed up, as Shachar tells it. "At the age of 19 and a half, I injured my leg at the construction site, and they took me to the hospital. I had no insurance, and the police investigated where I was from. The hospital demanded a high amount for the treatment, and I asked the contractor who employed me to pay at least part of the amount, and in the end, he agreed. He asked for my address, and after 40 seconds, he called me and said he would come downstairs to pick up the money. I went down, and about four or five policemen wanted to approach me and stopped me. I told them I was from Kafr Qasim. Nevertheless, they took me to a four-hour interrogation, and I asked them to contact my handling officers, and they said they didn't know me at all. They took me to court, and there I said I wanted to convert and that I had been in the country for seven years. The judge sentenced me to 45 days in prison and an additional conditional sentence of ten months for three years. There were Palestinian Arabs in court who were waiting for a trial, and they heard everything I said and knew exactly what they were going to do to me. They took me to the prison in Beersheba, to the wing of Arab prisoners with blood on their hands, real people, and they beat me up. Then the inmates put me in the Jewish cell.

"After 45 days, they deported me to the Erez Crossing. They placed me in a small cell, and I remember that all the time, a man with murder in his eyes came into the cell. Afterward, they took me for questioning in the Gaza Strip and asked what I had done in the seven years in the country, and I told them I had been a guard. They hung me upside down, cut me, kicked me, sprayed hot and cold water on me, and then put me down again and asked what I had done.”

This went on for half a year. “Finally, they took me to a family in Khan Yunis. I wandered around Khan Yunis for a whole month, hungry and in the same clothes. I entered houses and stole food: bread, onions, tomatoes, whatever there was. I worked in Gaza, saved some money, and ran away from there again. I went to Egypt, from Egypt to Turkey, and from there, I arrived in Israel with a Palestinian Authority passport. The police caught me and took me back to the Erez Crossing. Fortunately, the policemen took me down a bit before the crossing, so I escaped, took a taxi, and returned to Rishon LeZion. It was a miracle for me," he said.

Asked about starting all over again in the same place, Shachar answered that this time it was different. “I started working as a security guard in Rishon LeZion, in a shopping center. After two months, there was a break-in at the warehouses where I worked, and I reported the break-in. The police commended me and wanted me to testify. The investigator praised me and said I was a good citizen, but she also said that I was detained and handcuffed. The next day they took me to court. The judge asked me to speak, so I stood up, spoke, and cried. She listened to me; I told her everything, from my childhood until that day. She released me on the bail of my adoptive father."

After seven years, he received approval to study Judaism and convert, and he studied at a Yeshiva. “After ten months, they sent me for an examination, and I couldn't answer everything. The rabbi said I should go to the Machon Meir Yeshiva [to study more before converting], so I packed my bag and went there immediately. I studied with Rabbi Oury Cherki, and after a few months, I underwent the final conversion process and succeeded.”

He received an Israeli ID number and card. “I also received a draft request in the mail and my IDF profile was 97 [the highest level of medical qualification in the IDF pre-enlistment exams], and I was destined for the paratroopers. During that time, I gave an interview to an Israeli newspaper, and they asked me what I would do if I were ordered as a soldier to evacuate settlers. I said I would refuse because I only wanted to protect the country's borders. Following this, they decided not to draft me."

Asked about the Hebrew name he chose to adopt, "Dor [meaning generation in Hebrew] represents peace and goodness, and Shachar means morning.”

Shachar, who has also written a book about his life, "From Khan Yunis to Mount Sinai," and lectures about it, was not surprised by the level of cruelty that Hamas militants reached on October 7. "When I was a child and went to the market with my mother, I saw that they beheaded those who claimed to have collaborated with Israelis. They cut off their heads and hands, and hung them on electricity poles, dragging them on the road while they were attached to cars. I was not surprised at all," he said, adding that there aren't many peace-loving people in Gaza. "Most of them no longer live there but emigrated to other countries.”

Shachar shared that he remembers that his grandfather used to tell him when he was a child that when he grew up, “I would have to kill Jews and reclaim Jaffa because it is our inheritance. It's a matter of generations being raised like this."

Regarding his biological family, Shachar explained that “if something happened to them, it wouldn’t bother me. My family is here in Israel. They taught me to love instead of hate, taught me to enjoy life and not die, and to become a suicide bomber.” Of the Palestinians, Shachar said “They used to throw stones [at Israelis] during my childhood, then came the Oslo Accords because Israel wanted peace with the Palestinians. The weapons they [the Palestinians] received were turned against Israelis. We disengaged from the Gaza Strip and in return have been suffering from missiles ever since."

Asked if he is optimistic about the future of Israeli-Palestinian relations, Shachar immediately answered “No. As a child, I saw a lot of violence, and difficult scenes that are hard to describe. If this is how they treated their people, you can understand exactly how they did and will treat Jews.”

Shachar is one out of 2 billions grains of sand on the Seashore, his light was bright enough to be counted amongst the stars of heaven. Like in the promise of the Eternal God in Genesis 22:17:

"indeed I will greatly bless you, and I will greatly multiply your offspring like the stars of the heavens and like the sand on the seashore; and your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies.."

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Sim'hat Torah 7 oktòb 2023

Lè yo te tande kout bal nan Sim'hat Torah jou trajedi a, 7 oktòb 2023, yon nonm yo te rele Gaï Madar te reyaji imedyatman. San ezite, li te dirije tèt li nan zòn Kibboutz Re'im, li te ame sèlman ak pistolè li te genyen an. Lè li rive sou sèn nan, byen vit li te vin konprann grandè sitiyasyon an. Lè sa a li te sove yon sòlda Golani ki te blese grav epi li te netralize yon teworis ki t ap atake yo. Gai te reyaji byen vit, netralize teworis la epi answit, lè sa a li sèvi avèk zam sòlda blese a, avek zam sa a li te vin enkapasite senk lòt teworis Hamas ki tap pase sou motosiklèt.

Apre sa, Gaï monte nan yon machin lapolis ak yon ajan. Pandan yo t ap dirije, teworis yo te louvri kout zam sou machin nan. Malgre yo te blese nan pye yo, Gay ak ofisye a te vole soti kite veyikil la epi yo te pran refij nan yon twou sou bò wout la.

Malgre blesi li yo, Gai te kontinye goumen nan refij sa a e li te touye plizyè lòt teworis. Sepandan, piti pa ti kras fòs li te kite l akòz blesi li yo. Pandan ke li te pèdi anpil san, li te rive enpwovize yon tourniquet pou sispann senyen an.

Imobilize pa blesi li yo, antoure pa anviwon ven teworis tonbe, fòs lame Izrayèl la te rive apre 2 èdtan edmi.

Malerezman, yo te fè erè, yo te panse ke Gai se yon teworis, paske li te mete rad sivil epi li te ame ak yon zam.

Nan yon dènye efò pou siviv, li te eseye rele byen fò ke li te yon sòlda jwif li ye, men li te afebli anpil, segonn lwen yo ta pral tire sou li. Men se lè sa a ke yon sòlda te vin remake Tzitsit Gai te gen sou li a epi li reyalize li se te yon jwif. Talit Katan li a te sove lavi l! Apre sa, yo te mennen l nan lopital Beilinson, kote li te resevwa swen apwopriye.

Lè yo tande istwa sa a, yon donatè Ameriken te finanse acha 500 Talit Katan pou distribye bay sòlda jwif yo pou pwoteje moun yo.

Se yon Avrekh ki soti nan vil Bné Brak ki te pran an chaj acha sa a, yon bagay ki pa t fasil akoz difikilte pou jwenn yon kantite Talit Katan konsa ak Tsitsits deja plase.

Maten "madichon" Simkhat Torah  sa a ki te vin rive nan 7 oktòb 2023 a, lè Gai te mete Talit Katan li a, li pa t 'gen lide, ni li te pa reyalize ke Mitzvah patikilye sa a ta pral sove lavi l' e ke li ta tou mennen nan chèn pou ke tout moun yo te ka akompli komandman sa a nan Mitzvot yo. ak ranfòse moral nan mitan pèp jwif la. Sa montre pouvwa yon komandman senp, yon ti Mitzvah ka genyen. 

Annou apresye aksyon ki sanble modès konsa ak ki piti pou Jwif yo ka fè pou nou konprann grandè pèp nou an ak enpak aksyon nou yo ki te dikte pa òdonans Letènèl Bondye nou an.

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In fact, in Ezekiel 36 God speaks to the Jews; but also to the Land of Israel. Why does God speak to the mountains, valleys and elements in the Land of Israel? I don't know that. But I do know that God had made a Covenant with the Land of Israel, and we see that here:

"Then I will remember my covenant with Jacob, and also my covenant with Isaac, and I will also remember my covenant with Abraham; and I will remember the land (Leviticus 26:42)"

God will remember not only the Jews to return them to their land, but he will also remember his oath to restore the land of Israel so that it will be like a garden of Eden.

The time in which God is going to restore all of Israel physically; it will be both the land and the people. At that time he will also punish all non-Jews who have taken over the inheritance of the Jews. And that oath of punishment is valid for the Edomites, the Romans, the Christians, the Arabs or Muslims, etc. That is to say to all those who conquered the Holy Land throughout history. After that the Eternal God says in his oath that "Hamas" will never again be heard of.

Isaiah 60:18 Hamas will never again be heard of in your land, there will be no more violence, nor desolation nor destruction within your borders; but you will call your walls Salvation, and your doors Praise.

What does Hamas mean? The first time we saw this word was in Genesis, that was the word that God had used as one of the reasons why he was going to destroy the Earth through the Flood. As it is written, the entire Earth has been filled with Hamas..

“Genesis 6:13 Then God said to Noah, “I have decided to put an end to all flesh, because the earth is full of Hamas because of them; and behold, I am going to destroy them all...

According to the wise sages, the word Hamas, which many have translated as violence, really means; not only violence but kidnappings and violence; especially violence against victims such as women, children and the elderly, that includes raping the victims and butchering them.

And who is the text referring to when it accuses Edom, and all the surrounding nations? And Who are the remnants of the nations living in the land of Israel that the text accuses of stealing the Land of Israel?

Edom was Jacob's brother also called Esau, but this Edom mentioned here is rather the Romans and the Western nations, that is, the nations that since the conquest by Rome keep preventing the Jews from returning to their full inheritance. And the remnants of the nations are the so called Palestinians and Muslims who continue to claim that the Land of Israel belongs to them, they are the remnants from the last conquest (The Muslims and Ottoman Empire).


Ezekiel 36

36 You, son of man, prophesy to the mountains of Israel, and say to them: O Mountains of Israel, hear the word of the LORD. 2 Thus says the Lord GOD: Because the enemy said of you:

Hey! also the eternal heights have been given to us by inheritance;

3 Prophesy therefore and say to them, Thus says the Lord GOD: Because they have devastated you and have swallowed you up from every side, so that you would become an inheritance for the remnants of the nations, and it has fallen into their mouths. 

4 Therefore, O mountains of Israel, hear the word of the Lord God: Thus says the Lord God to the mountains and to the hills, to the streams and to the valleys, to the ruins. and isolations and forsaken cities, which were made a spoil and ridicule of the other nations around;

5 Therefore thus says the Lord God:

I have certainly spoken in the fire of my zeal against the remnant of the other nations, and against all Edom, who disputed my land for inheritance with joy, with all their heart, and with bitterness of spirit, so that their expelled Jews might become their prey. . .
6 Therefore prophesy over the land of Israel, and say to the mountains and to the hills, and to the streams and to the valleys: Thus says the Lord GOD: Behold, in my jealousy and in my fury I have spoken, because They have borne the disgrace of the nations. 7 Therefore thus says the Lord God:

I have raised my hand, I have sworn that the nations that are around him will bear his disgrace.

8 But you, O mountains of Israel, will bear its branches and bear its fruit for my people Israel; because they are close to come. 9 For behold, I am for you, and I will return to you, and you will be plowed and sown. 10 And I will multiply among you men, the whole house of Israel, all of it; and the cities will be inhabited, and the ruins will be built. 11 I will multiply men and livestock upon you, and you will be multiplied and increase; and I will make them dwell as they used to do of old, and I will do them greater good than in their beginnings; and they will know that I am the Eternal. 12 And I will make men walk over you, my people Israel; and they will take possession of you, and you will be their inheritance, and I will never kill them again.

you will bear the children.

13 Thus says the Lord GOD: Because they say of you: You have been an eater of men, and a slayer of the children of your nation; 14 Therefore you will no longer devour men, and you will never again kill the children of your nation, says the Lord GOD. 15 And I will no longer make you hear the insults of the nations, nor will you again bear the insults of the people, nor will you cause the children of your nation to die again, says the Lord GOD.

16 The word of the LORD came to me, saying: 17 Son of man, while the house of Israel dwelt in his land, he defiled it with his ways and with his works; His path before me was like the filth of a menstruating woman. 18 And I poured out my anger on them for the blood they shed on the land; because they defiled her with her idols. 19 I scattered them among the nations, and they were scattered throughout the lands; I judged them according to their ways and according to their works. 20 And when they came to the nations where they went, they profaned my holy name, saying to each other:

These are the people of the Eternal, and from his land they have come. 21 But I have been grieved to see my holy name profaned by the house of Israel among the nations where they went.

22 Therefore say to the house of Israel: Thus says the Lord GOD: I am not doing this for your sake, O house of Israel, but for the sake of my holy name, which you have profaned among the nations where you have come. 23 And I will sanctify my great name, profaned among the nations, which you have profaned among them; and the nations will know that I am the Lord, says the Lord God, when I am sanctified in you before your eyes. 24 And I will take them from among the nations, and gather them from all lands, and bring them into their own country. 25

I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be cleansed from all your filthiness; and I will cleanse them of all their idols. 26 I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit within you; and I will take away the heart of stone from their flesh, and give them a heart of flesh.

27 And I will put my Spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and keep my precepts, and do them. 28 You will live in the land that I gave to your fathers, and you will be my people, and I will be your God. 

29 And I will keep you from all your uncleanness; and I will call the wheat, and multiply it, and I will not make you hungry. 30 I will also multiply the fruit of the trees, and the fruit of the fields, so that you will never again receive the reproach of famine among the nations. 31 And you will remember your evil ways, and your acts that were not good; and you will be ashamed of yourselves for your iniquities and your abominations.

32 I do not do it for you, says the Lord God, know it well; Be ashamed and ashamed of your iniquities, O house of Israel.

33 Thus says the Lord GOD: On the day that I cleanse them from all their iniquities, I will also cause the cities to be inhabited, and the ruins will be rebuilt. 34 And the desolate land will be plowed, instead of having remained desolate in the eyes of all who passed by. 35 And they will say:

This land that had been desolate has become like the garden of Eden; and these cities that were deserted and desolate and ruined are now fortified and inhabited. 36 And the nations that remain around them will know that I rebuilt what was torn down, and planted what was desolate; I the Eternal have spoken, and I will do it.

37 Thus says the Lord GOD: I will still be sought by the house of Israel, to do this to them; I will multiply men as flocks multiply. 38 Like the consecrated sheep, like the sheep of Jerusalem at its solemn festivals,

so the desert cities will be filled with flocks of men; and they will know that I am the Eternal.

Friday, August 25, 2023


Ki Tetzei La’Milchamah - When you go out to war against your enemies… and you happened to capture enemy captives .. (21:10)

What can we learn here for this week's business? Well then, that you also have to "capture captives" when you go out to war against your enemies. Today this could mean things like: Business ideas, initiatives, disciplines, techniques, keeping your production secrets to yourself, applying proper risk managements, stopping losses, consistency, increasing the size of profits and decreasing the size of losses…

Anything negative in a person or in the world can be exploited for the good in it. We should learn how to derive a lesson from it; whether it be in the service of the Creator or in business.

- Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov and Rabbi Zusha of Anipoli said in that regard, that we could learn seven things from the thief:

1. What he does, he keeps to himself.
2. He is willing to take risks to attain his goal.
3. He does not distinguish between 'major' and 'minor' things, but takes equally exacting care of each and every detail.

4. He invests great effort in what he does.
5. He is swift.
6. He is always optimistic.
7. If at first he fails, he is back time and again for another try.

I) If I apply this to my business learning with the stock market in mind. We must always study and keep learning, adapting ideas to develop our trading strategies; and our most productive and secret strategies that we develop by adapting ideas and other people’s strategies, we must keep for ourselves to keep them productive.

II) We cannot be productive or derive benefits from the market, unless we take risks; however, in order to grow our wealth while winning and losing; we must learn to increase our gains and benefits that we obtain from the risks we are taking. How? By learning proper risk management techniques, and be disciplined and steadfast in applying them. Because it has been proven in the lives of the wealthy and successful traders that the discipline of consistently applying the techniques of proper risks management lead to growth and increase the wealth.

III) We must learn how to not distinguish between 'major' and 'minor' profits, but takes equally exacting care of each and every detail to keep our profits; whether they be smalls or big ones, they will all add up to increase our wealth.

IV) We must continue to invest great efforts in what we are doing when they prove to be beneficial. Keep working and applying the techniques and strategies that increase our wealth.

V) We have to learn to be swift at every step in our journey: swift at taking our profits, at stopping our losses, swift at managing our risks, swift at learning and applying what works and swift at growing our wealth.

VI) We must learn to be and remain always optimistic. Despite our challenges and our losses. This is something that could be very challenging, especially when our emotions could be surging up in the middle of the seemingly negative impacts of our wars.

VII) Last but not least, we must learn that losses are not bad; I personally understand that I need to rewire my brain to grasp this one concept. I need to view my losses as a stepping ground to the next growth; therefore at every failure or loss, I must launch myself back time and again for the next trade with the same disciplines that keep me successful in the market, applying the proper risk managements that I have learned and continue to learn, adapting the new and developing my secret techniques, keeping the essentials to myself in order to keep them generating profits that increase the size of my gains and at the same time diminish the size of my losses.

Monday, August 7, 2023




Nasyon yo nan mond lan ap rele lak la Lanmè Mò, men Lak la rele Yam Ha'Melakh nan lang ebre a; an reyalite, lak sale sa a te gen anpil non atravè listwa a. 

Ekriti Tora a tap fè referans ak lak sa a kòm "Lanmè Sèl oswa Yam Ha'Melakh nan lang ebre" (Nonb 34:3), Nap jwenn yon lot referens kom "Lanmè a" nan Ezekiel 47:8, ak "Lanmè Lès la"  nan Joel 2. . 

Lòt deziyasyon nan istwa a te gen ladan "Lanmè Asfalt", "Lamè ki san pa bon" ak "Lanmè Dyab la".

Li ka sanble difisil pou ou ka kwè l', men rejyon sa a te yon zòn ki te byen wouze, ki te Fertile anpil ak atirans li te tankou Jaden Edenn nan. 

Men, jijman Letènèl te fè kont senk vil yo ki te nan vale a, ki te gen ladan yo vil Sodòm ak Gomò, te vin chanje fètilite nan zòn nan, jijman sa a nan zon nan te trasnfome plas la nan yon espas dezolasyon, ki reprezante jijman sou peche ak enjistis enstitisyonalize (Jenèz 13:10; Detewonòm 29:23; Jeremi 17: 6). 

Evaporasyon an ki pandye sou Lanmè Sèl la ap ba li yon brouyar konstan sou sifas li. Sa fè sonje lafimen ki tap soti nan gwo fou a ki te monte nan fon an apre destriksyon 5 vil sa yo nan Jenèz la.

Larivyè Jouden


Lanmè Mò a oswa Yam Ha'Melakh, ke yap rele tou pa lòt non yo, se yon lak sèl ki bò larivyè Jouden an sou bò kote solèy leve a ak laJide nan lwès la. Li kouche nan yon Rift nan Vale larivyè Jouden an, ak aflu prensipal li se Rivyè Jouden an menm.

Apati 2019, sifas lak la se 430,5 mèt (1,412 pye) anba nivo lanmè, sa ki fè rivaj li yo pi ba elevasyon ki baze sou tè sou Latè. Li se 304 m (997 pye) pwofondè, lak hypersaline ki pi pwofon nan mond lan. Avèk yon salinite 342 g/kg, oswa 34.2% (an 2011), li se youn nan kò dlo ki pi sale nan mond lan[6] - 9.6 fwa pi sale ke oseyan an - e li gen yon dansite 1.24 kg/lit, ki fè naje menm jan ak k ap flote. Salinite sa a fè yon anviwonman piman bouk kote plant ak bèt pa ka fleri, kidonk non li. Basen nò prensipal Lanmè Mouri a se 50 kilomèt (31 mi) longè ak 15 kilomèt (9 mi) lajè nan pwen ki pi laj li.

Lanmè Mò a te atire vizitè ki soti nan basen Mediterane a pou plizyè milye ane. Se te youn nan premye resort sante nan mond lan (pou Ewòd Gran an), epi li te founisè nan yon gran varyete pwodwi, soti nan asfalt pou momifikasyon moun peyi Lejip rive nan potasyòm pou angrè. Jodi a, touris vizite lanmè a sou kòt Izrayelyen, Jordanyen ak West Bank li yo. Endistri touris Palestinyen an te rankontre ak kontretan nan devlope sou kòt West Bank la akòz okipasyon Izraelyen an.

Lanmè Mò a ap bese byen vit; sipèfisi li jodi a se 605 km2 (234 sq mi), ki te 1,050 km2 (410 sq mi) an 1930. Yo te fè plizyè pwopozisyon pou kanal ak tiyo, tankou yon pwojè pou Transpòte Dlo soti nan Lanmè Wouj pou ranpli Lanmè Mò, men pwopozisyon sa a  te abandone. 

Sunday, August 6, 2023


Ki sa ki ateism relijye?

Se nan yon bon fason Lè wap jwi bonte ak abondans mond sa a gen pou l ofri nou san ou pa rekonèt ki moun ki byenfektè a, ki moun ki bay tout bagay sa a pou nou. Pi mal ankò, se lè nap pran tout bagay sa yo epi nap felisite tèt pa nou ak nap remèsye tou lòt èt imen yo;  Ki oswa moun ki vivan oswa mouri pou siksè nou an.


Lè pèp jwif yo (The Children of Israel) travèse bò larivyè Jouden an epi yo te prepare pou antre nan peyi Izrayèl la, yo sezi pa bèlte sublime li yo. Jis imajine pou yon segond foto yo pi bèl nan nenpòt peyi nenpòt kote atravè mond lan; yon peyi kote ou ta jwenn plaj sab blan ki nan syèl la, dlo turkwaz, mòn majestueux ki kouvri ak nèj, forè vèt, dun sab amann, kaskad dlo entérésan nan mitan fon an, kèlkeswa paradi tankou kote ou ta ka imajine ...

konnen kèlkeswa peyi sa a, li p'ap janm gen menm bèl kalite ak peyi Izrayèl la, nan moman Jozye te antre nan li akonpaye ak pèp jwif la.

Lè sa a, dat ak fig frans yo te gwo, bon gou ak plen ak yon siwo myèl tankou nèktar ki te kouvri tout tè a lè yo tonbe. Ak chak etap nou te fè, nou te dwe fè atansyon pou evite antre nan basen yo nan dat oswa siwo myèl. Tè a te plen ak bèf, kabrit, mouton ki gen mam yo te koule ak lèt. Pa t gen ase moun pou tet yo. Li repete 21 fwa nan Tora a lefèt ke "Ereth Zavat Khalav Ou'Devash", "sa vle di tè a te koule ak lèt ​​ak siwo myèl", difizyon nan sans literal: li koule ak plen tout fant yo. Epi fenomèn sa a te dire jiska apre destriksyon dezyèm tanp lan nan Jerizalèm.

Kounye a Kesyon pou nou poze se: Nou konnen danje pou nou viv nan abondans, donk poukisa Bondye pa t mete pitit Izrayèl yo nan yon tè arid, sèk, pou yo viv yon vi ki pi vètye kote yo ta dwe toujou ap leve je yo nan syèl la. pou yo ka nouri? Poukisa li mete nou sou yon bèl peyi konsa kote lèt ak siwo myèl ap koule tankou dlo?

Repons lan se ke Bondye vle nou gen siksè nan monn sa a, epi pou yo gen siksè, bonè nesesè, pa tristès. Li se poto yon lavi Tora. Rav Miller eksplike ke sèvi Bondye se reflechi sou tout sa li fè pou nou, sèvi li nan rekonesans. Yon moun ki pa kontan pa sèvi Bondye, li fè respekte kòmandman yo tankou yon robot fidèl. Sèvi Bondye se chante pou li. Tout aksyon nou ta dwe sonnen tankou yon chante rekonesans. Lè ou pase yon Mezuzah, mete Tefillin ou, etap anba yon Soukkah, ou dwe sonje poukisa. Chak Mitzvah fè se yon fason pou adrese yon priyè ba li. Natirèlman, vrè kontantman ap tann nou nan monn nouvo brav la - mond k ap vini an - men nan entre-temps, nou ta dwe konnen ke pa gen okenn moun ki pi kontan pase yon jwif obsèvasyon.

Anplis de sa, chak ane, Nasyonzini ap pibliye "World Happiness Report" li a pou evalye nivo bonè nan chak peyi. Ane sa a ak prèske chak ane, Izrayelyen yo klase katriyèm nan klasman mondyal la nan moun ki pi kontan nan planèt la.

Malgre egzil yo, tan nwa yo, kwazad yo, pogrom yo, Olokòs la, fo akizasyon yo kont nou ak lènmi feròs ki bò kote nou yo...

si nou toujou egziste e nou tèlman remakab, se paske nou aprann kontan ak sa nou genyen nan Tora a. Men, si nou klase 4yèm, li se evidamman anpil gras a 20% nan jwif Otodòks nan peyi a ak nan pratikan an jeneral. Chak semèn nou pran yon jou konje.

Nou pwofite Shabbat, chak vandredi aprè midi nou pran yon douch cho ki pi long pase nòmal, nou mete pi bon rad nou, nou rasanble an fanmi bò tab la, nou manje bon manje. Nou jwenn tèt nou ak tèt nou, nou medite sou kontantman pou tande, pou wè, pou nou ka manje, pou nou gen yon kabann, pou nou gen rad, pou nou gen dlo k ap koule.

Nou pi rich pase wa syèk ki sot pase yo ki pratikman pa t lave tèt yo... Kèlkeswa difikilte ki parèt nan lavi nou detanzantan, nou fè eksperyans yon gwo kontantman ki pi wo pase malè nou yo, men nou jis pa konnen. ase pou wè oswa apresye li nan jis valè li.

Men, nan Pirkei Avot (3, 16) yo anseye: "Ha Chanut Petuchah ", sa vle di "Magazen an louvri". Vreman vre, magazen Bondye a ouvri 7 jou sou 7. Mond lan se yon gwo magazen, ou ka soti dimanch nan Shabbat epi pran sa ou vle. Men, annou pa bliye avètisman Tora a:

si ou jis pran, ou pral jwenn plen, kidonk "Tishmeru Lachem", rete sou gad ou oswa ou riske bliye Etènèl la, sèl Bondye a ...

Ak pi bon remèd kont risk sa a se lè nap leve je nou ak plen rekonesans anvè vrè Moun ki bay tout bagay sa yo.


What is Religious Atheism?

It is in a great way to enjoy the Goodness and Abundance this world has to offer without acknowledging who is the benefactor, the giver of all things. Worse yet again, is to congratulate ourselves and gives thanks to other human beings; alive or dead for our success.

When the Jewish people (The Children of Israel) crossed over the Jordan River and got prepared to enter the Land of Israel, they are amazed by its sublime beauty. Just imagine for a second the most beautiful photos of any country anywhere around the world; a land in which you would find heavenly white sandy beaches, turquoise water, majestic snow-capped mountains, green forests, fine sand dunes, refreshing waterfalls in the middle of the valley, whatever paradise like location you could imagine ...

know that whatever that country is, it will never have the same virtues and qualities as the Land of Israel, at the time when Joshua entered it accompanied by the Jewish people.

At that time, dates and figs were huge, delicious and filled with a honey like nectar that covered the whole ground when they fell down. With every step we took, we had to be careful to avoid stepping into the basins of dates or honey. The earth was filled with cows, goats, sheep whose udders were dripping with milk. There weren't enough people to milk them. It is repeated 21 times in the Torah the fact that "Ereth Zavat Chalav U’Devash", “meaning the earth was streaming with milk and honey”, streaming in the literal sense: it flowed and filled all the cracks. And this phenomenon lasted until after the destruction of the second Temple in Jerusalem.

Now The Question to Ask is: We know the danger of living in abundance, so why didn't God place the Children of Israel in an arid, dry land, to live a more virtuous life where they should constantly raise the eyes to the sky in order to be nourished? Why did he place us on such a beautiful land flowing with milk and honey?

The answer is that God wants us to be successful in this world, and to be successful, happiness is needed, not sadness. It is the pillar of a Torah life. Rav Miller explains that to serve God is to reflect on all that He does for us, to serve Him in gratitude. An unhappy man does not serve God, he enforces commandments like a faithful robot. To serve God is to sing to Him. All our actions should sound like a song of gratitude. When you walk past a Mezuzah, put on your Tefillin, step under a Sukkah, you have to remember why. Each Mitzvah performed is a way of addressing a prayer to Him. Of course, true happiness awaits us in the brave new world - the world to come - but in the meantime, we should know that there is no one happier than an observant Jew.

Moreover, each year, the United Nations publishes its “World Happiness Report” to assess the level of happiness in each country. This year and like almost every year, Israelis are ranked fourth in the world ranking of the happiest inhabitants of the planet.

Despite the exiles, the dark times, the crusades, the pogroms, the Holocaust, the false accusations against us and the fierce enemies around us... 

if we still exist and are so remarkable, it is because we have learned to be happy with what we have in the Torah. And if we are ranked 4th, it is obviously a lot thanks to the 20% of Orthodox Jews in the country and to practitioners in general. Every week we take a day off. 

We take advantage of Shabbat, every Friday afternoon we take a longer hot shower than usual, we wear our best clothes, we gather as a family around a table, we eat good food. We find ourselves with ourselves, we meditate on the happiness of hearing, of seeing, of being able to eat, of having a bed, of having clothes, of having running water. 

We are much richer than the kings of past centuries who practically did not wash themselves… Whatever the difficulties that appear in our lives from time to time, we experience great happiness far superior to our misfortunes, but we just don't know. enough to see or appreciate it at its fair value.

But in the Pirkei Avot (3, 16) it is taught: "Ha Chanut Petuchah ", meaning "The store is open". Indeed, God's store is open 7 days a week. The world is a big store, you can come from Sunday to Shabbat and take whatever you want. But let's not forget the warning of the Torah: 

if you just take, you will get full, so “ Tishmeru Lachem”, be on your guard or you risk forgetting The Eternal, the Only God ... 

And the best remedy against that risk is to raise our eyes full of gratitude to the true Giver of all things.

Friday, July 14, 2023


1 Paske, se konsa, li ekri ke nap jwenn twa kalite pèfeksyon mantal nan lavi a:
  • 1) pèfeksyon mantal la akeri pa fòmasyon,
  • 2) pèfeksyon nan konstitisyon natirèl la nan fakilte imajinasyon imen an ak,
  • 3) pèfeksyon moral ki pwodui nan sipresyon an. nan tout panse ki gen plezi kòporèl ak tout kalite anbisyon sòt oswa move.

Kalite sa yo, jan sa byen konnen, Moun saj yo ap posede yo nan diferan degre, epi gen degre fakilte pwofetik la kap varye selon diferans sa a.

Fakilte kòporèl yo, jan nou konnen yo, pafwa yo fèb anpil, epi yo fatige, ak yo gen koripsyon, e pafwa nap jwenn yo nan yon etad sante.

Limajinasyon se sètènman youn nan kapasite sa yo ki gen nan kò a. Se poutèt sa, nap jwenn pwofèt kap pèdi pouvwa yo te gen pou yo te ka pwofetize, lè yo nan lapenn, oswa lè yo fache oswa lè yo afekte menm jan sa a tou.

Moun saj nou yo te di: Enspirasyon an pa vin jwenn yon pwofèt lè li tris oswa lang. Sa se rezon an ki te fè Jakòb papanou pa t ka resevwa okenn revelasyon pandan peryòd dey li a, lè imajinasyon li te okipe ak pèt Jozèf la. Menm bagay sa a te rive ak Moyiz, lè li te nan yon eta depresyon akoz anpil pwoblèm li yo, ki te dire soti nan bougonnen Izrayelit yo akòz move rapò espyon yo, rive nan lanmò gèrye nan jenerasyon sa a. .

Moyiz pa t resevwa okenn mesaj nan men Bondye, jan l te konn fè l, byenke li pa t resevwa enspirasyon pwofetik nan fakilte imajinasyon an, men dirèkteman nan entèlijans li. Nou te mansyone plizyè fwa Moyiz, menm jan ak lòt pwofèt yo, pa t pale an konparezon. Sa a pral eksplike pita (chap. xlv.), men se pa sijè a nan chapit prezan an.

Te gen tou moun ki te pwofetize pou yon ti tan epi apre sa te sispann fè li tout ansanm; se konnen yon bagay te rive ki te fè moun sa yo sispann pwofetize.

Menm sikonstans la te fèt ak dominasyon nan tristès ak matyèn, sa a te san dout kòz dirèk nan entèripsyon an nan pwofesi a pandan ekzil la:

Yon moun dwe mande, èske ta ka gen yon pi gwo malè pou moun pase sa a: se yon esklav, te achte pou lajan nan sèvis inyorans ak voluptueux? Mèt, ak san fòs kont yo, depi yo ini nan tèt yo absans la nan konesans vre ak fòs la nan tout dezi bèt?

Move eta sa a te pwofetize pou nou nan pawòl sa yo: “Yo pral kouri alawonnbadè, ap chèche pawòl Bondye a, epi yo p ap jwenn li” (Amòs 8:12); "Wa yo ak chèf yo pami nasyon yo, lalwa pa la ankò, ni pwofèt yo pa jwenn vizyon ki p'ap janm fini an" (Lamantasyon 2:9). Sa a se yon reyalite reyèl, ak kòz la se evidan; kondisyon yo [nan pwofesi] yo te pèdi. Nan peryòd mesianik la, konbyen tan li kòmanse! Pwofesi a pral nan mitan nou ankò, jan Bondye te pwomèt la.

2 Li nesesè pou nou konsidere nati enfliyans diven, ki pèmèt nou panse e ki ba nou divès degre entèlijans. Pou enfliyans sa a ka rive jwenn yon moun sèlman nan yon ti mezi, ak nan egzakteman menm pwopòsyon an ta Lè sa a, se kondisyon entelektyèl li, pandan ke li ka rive jwenn yon lòt moun nan yon mezi konsa ke, anplis pwòp pèfeksyon li, li kapab mwayen an. nan pèfeksyon pou li. lòt moun. Ka menm relasyon an ka obsève nan tout Linivè.

Gen èt ki tèlman pafè ke yo ka gouvène lòt èt, men gen tou èt ki pafè sèlman nan limit ke yo ka gouvène tèt yo epi yo pa kapab enfliyanse lòt èt.

3 Nan kèk ka enfliyans Entèlèkt Aktif la rive sèlman nan fakilte lojik la epi li pa nan fakilte imajinè a; swa akòz ensifizans enfliyans sa a, oswa akòz yon defo nan konstitisyon an nan fakilte imajinasyon an, ak enkapasite a konsekan nan dènye a resevwa enfliyans sa a: sa a se kondisyon an nan saj yo oswa filozòf.

Sepandan, si fakilte imajinè a natirèlman nan kondisyon ki pi pafè yo, enfliyans sa a kapab, jan nou menm ak lòt filozòf te eksplike, rive nan tou de fakilte lojik ak imajinasyon li: sa a se ka a nan pwofèt yo.

Men, pafwa, li rive ke enfliyans nan rive nan fakilte a imajinè sèlman akòz ensifizans nan fakilte a lojik, swa nan yon defo natirèl oswa nan neglijans nan fòmasyon. Sa a se ka a ak moun eta yo, lejislatè, divinò, majistè, ak moun ki gen rèv vre, oswa ki fè bèl bagay ak mwayen etranj ak atis sekrè, byenke yo pa moun ki gen bon konprann; tout sa yo fè pati twazyèm kalite a.

Monday, May 29, 2023

Kèk ane de sa, Japon te fè fas a yon mank de pwason, ki te mennen nan enpòte pwason ki soti lòt bò dlo. Sepandan, pwason ki te vwayaje pandan plizyè jou sou bato yo tap pèdi gou fre karakteristik yo. Pou remèdye pwoblèm sa a, yo te enstale frizè sou bato yo pou konsève fraîcheur pwason yo pandan transpò. Malerezman, menm yon fwa dekonjle, pwason yo pa t 'reprann gou natirèl yo.

 Nan rechèch yo pou jwenn Yon solisyon, Japonè yo te deside enstale basen dlo sou bato yo, kidonk pèmèt pwason yo naje pandan vwayaj la. Sa te asire yo rive nan Peyo Japon vivan. Sepandan, menm ak amelyorasyon sa a, goumè pa t 'kapab jwenn gou nan pwason fre ki kenbe lokalman. Jwenn yon solisyon pou konsève gou natirèl pwason an san okenn degradasyon se te yon defi.

 Lè sa a, yon chèchè Japonè sijere entwodwi yon ti reken nan basen an. Malgre ke lide sa a te sanble fou paske reken an ta ka manje pwason yo, chèchè a te eksplike ke pwason ki pral siviv yap nan bon kalite eksepsyonèl. Entrige, yo te eseye eksperyans la ak tout bon, reken an te manje kèk pwason, men Pearson sa yo ki te echape  Chas reken an yo te jwenn yon bon gou.

 Chèchè a te revele sekrè li nan eksplike ke pwason yo pa sèlman bezwen dlo pou yo viv, men yo bezwrn enèji tou. Yo jwenn enèji sa a lè yap fè fas ak yon menas lanmò ak difikilte pou yo chape anba li. Nan bato yo, pwason ki te pase tan yo evite reken an te devlope yon enèji ekstraòdinè ki te amelyore gou yo.

 Istwa sa a anseye nou yon leson ki gen anpil valè: nan lavi, tout moun gen defo ak eprèv yo simonte. Lè nou konfwonte yo ak korije yo, nou devlope yon enèji ekstraòdinè. Li se enèji enteryè sa a ki pral ba nou "yon bon gou", sa vle di moun ki te eksplwate totalman fòs enteryè yo. Avèk èd Dye, pandan n ap goumen pou simonte defo nou yo ak eprèv nou yo, n ap devlope yon fòs enteryè ki pral fè nou eksepsyonèl. (Fèyè Avot oswa Banim n°173)

 Binyamin Benhamou

Monday, May 8, 2023


Lakay Pizza Hut - Eske Nap Jwenn Yon Pizza Margarita Kasher?

Se konsa, ki jan ou kòmande nan Pizza Hut tou? Li pa kasher, pa vre? Ou wè, mwen te pran yon Pizza Margherita. Kisa ki gen ladan l'; Se farin, sòs tomat, ak fwomaj; li dwa nan kasher, wi. Èske nap jwenn Pizza kasher nan nenpòt nan etablisman yo?


Absoliman pa – Kit se: Pizza Hut, Pizz'abbit, Domino's Pizza oswa


Yon pitza atizan an nan kwen lakay nou, ou pa ka manje l, menm si se pi senp nan Pizza yo li te ye, ki gen sèlman farin, sòs tomat, ak fwomaj ak pètèt legim, tankou: dyondyon, piman, etc.

Non, ou pa ka manje yon Margarita nan nenpòt restoran. Repons lan se tou senpleman non, paske nan nenpòt restoran, yon farin Pizza Margarita ap reprezante omwen twa pwoblèm nan Kashrout: 

1) fwomaj nap jwenn nan Pizza yo pa kasher, yo souvan fèt ak pwodwi bèt ki pa Kasher, ak yap kwit tout Pizza sa yo menm fou a ki pa Kasher, epi depi restoran yo regilyèman ap prepare Pizza ak Janbon, 

2) pou egzanp: menm yon Pizza san fwomaj pa ka Kasher ak gou kochon an ki gen nan yo; sou lòt bò a, 

3) farin lan nan gwo volim nan chenn Pidzerya tankou Pizza Hut trè souvan ap itilize pwodui amelyoran nan farin lan ki ka gen orijin bèt (animal). 

Tankou mono ak digliserid nan asid gra, oswa Pentosanase ak amilaz; 

nap jwenn menm pwoblèm sa a nan Pizza atizanal yo, oswa nan Pizza conjele nan frizè yo. 

Se poutèt sa, yon moun pa ka manje yon Pizza chak jou san yon sipèvizyon rabinik sou restoran yo, 

ak sou fabrikasyon Pizza nan frizè yo, tout Pizza yo ap Kasher sèlman, si yo gen yon senbol tanpon Kasher sou bwat la.


Saturday, April 29, 2023


רבונו של עולם, תרחם על רביומורי הרב אליעזר בן עטיא שליט"א, שיחיה ולא ימות, רבונו של עולם, תרחם על רביומורי הרב אליעזר בן עטיא שליט"א, שהוא כולו מחובר קשור באזיקים על פצוע בגוף ובנפש, שהנך מביא עליו את כל היסורים שבעולם,

Mestre do Universo, Tenha Misericórdia de Meu Rabino Eliezer Ben Etyá Sh'litá,

Que meu Rabino viva e não morra!

Mestre do Universo, Tenha Misericórdia de Meu Rabino Eliezer Ben Etyá Sh'litá,

Ele é meu Professor, visto que ele está todo ferido, amarrado e algemado no corpo e na alma, sobre quem trazes todo o sofrimento do mundo,

את כל דינים, כשל כוח הסבל, תרחם עליו שהוא מוכן לקבל על אצמו את כל היסורים שבעולם,

Com todos os julgamentos sobrevindos, visto que lhe faltam forças para suportar, tenha misericórdia dele, aquele que está disposto a tomar sobre si todos os sofrimentos do mundo,

לטייל כל יום בכל ההיכלות, ולעבור כל יום ויום את כל השבעת מדורי הגהינום, בכל המסירויות עד אין סוף, במסירות נפש ממש, בעינויי הגוף ובעינויי נפש, בתפילות אין סוף סופיות, בתחנונים בקשות ובסיגופים.

Ele passa seu tempo vagando pelos corredores todos os dias, todos os dias ele cruza as sete seções do Gehinnon (o inferno). Com todos os seus sacrifícios sem fim, dedicados com verdadeira autodeterminação, ele passa torturando seu próprio corpo e sua própria alma; com orações sem fim, ele passa seu tempo em súplicas e pedidos.

רבונו של עולם, אוי תרחם עליו, תרחם, תרחם על הקהילה הקדושה, תרחם על ל"ו צדיקים שבדור שלוקחים עליהם את חל היסורי העולם הזה, אוי, אוי, אוי, רבונו של עולם תרחם עליו ועלינו, ותבטל מעלינו ומעל כל עם ישראל את כל הדינים הנוראים

Mestre do universo, oh, tenha misericórdia dele, tenha misericórdia, tenha misericórdia da comunidade sagrada, tenha misericórdia dos 36 Tzaddikim que estão nesta geração e que assumem sobre si todos os sofrimentos deste mundo.

Oh, oh, oh Mestre do Universo, tenha piedade dele e de nós. E cancele todos os julgamentos severos e decretos terríveis que pesam sobre nós e sobre todo o povo de Israel.

שניחיי ולא נמות, תרחם על עם ישראל, תרחם על עם ישראל, "הניני בידך כחומר ביד היוצר", תרחם על רבי, מורי הרב אליעזר בן עטיא שליט"א, רחם עלינו ועל כל עמך ישראל, תן לנו תקוה ולא נאבד את ימינו ושנותינו בהבל וריק, ותרחם על כנסת ישראל עם קדשך המשוכה אחריך, כלה קרואה בנעימה באהבתיך ובחמלתך

Que possamos viver e não morrer, tenha misericórdia do povo de Israel, tenha misericórdia do povo de Israel, "estou em sua mão como a matéria nas mãos do criador", tenha misericórdia de meu Rebe, meu professor, o Rav Eliezer Ben Etiyah Shelit "a, tenha misericórdia de nós e de todo o seu povo Israel, dê-nos esperança para que não desperdicemos nossos dias, nem nossos anos em vão e nada, e tenha misericórdia da santa assembléia de Israel que segue atrás de você , Uma noiva docemente chamada em seu amor e compaixão.

ותבטל את כל הדינים מעל רבי ומורי הרב אליעזר בן עטיא שליט"א , מעלינו ומעל כל עם ישראל גשמיות וברוחניות, ותצילנו מאש הכעס הבוער בנו יומם ולילה, שעל ידו הננו מבעירים, את אש הגהינום, ומעוררים דינים עלינו ועל עמך בית ישראל, תן לנו תקווה ולא נמות ונקיים בשנה זו נקום נקמת דם עבדך השפוך,

E anule todos os decretos que estão acima do meu Rebe e professor, o Rav Eliezer Ben Etiyah Shelit"a, anule todos eles acima de nós e acima de todo o povo de Israel, tanto física quanto espiritualmente. E salve-nos do fogo da ira que arde em nós dia e noite, pelo qual acendemos o fogo do Gehinnon (o inferno), e causamos julgamentos contra nós e seu povo, a casa de Israel. Dê-nos esperança de que não morreremos e que permaneceremos vivos este ano, que a vingança seja feita pelo sangue derramado de seu servo.

ונזכה להפיץ את התפילות של הרב, ולקרוא אותם יומם ולילה ללא הפסק שניה, וללמוד את כל התפילות בעיון רב עם המקורות שלהם: בגמרא, מדרש, זוהר ועץ חיים, כי העיקר זה להפיץ את התפילות עד שלכל יהודי ויהודי יהיות התפילות האלה, ולהפיץ אותם במסירות נפש,

E que temos o mérito e privilégio de divulgar as orações do Rav, e lê-las dia e noite sem parar por um segundo, que podemos estudar todas as orações com muito cuidado com suas fontes; na Gemara, no Midrash, no Zohar e no Etz Haim, porque o principal é espalhar as orações até que cada judeu tenha essas orações e divulgá-las com autodeterminação,

וללמוד אותם במסירות נפש, על ידי זה נכלל באדם קדמון דאדם קדמון , ועל ידי זה תבוא מיד הגאולה, וננצל ממלחמת גוג ומגוג , כי יי מצפה שלכל יהודו ויהודי יהיו אלו התפילות שנכתבו במסירות נפש עילאית, ואין לנו שום הבנה בהם,

E que possamos aprendê-las com dedicação, e que através disso sejamos incluídos no Adam Kadmon de Adam Kadmon (o Adão supremo), e que isso acelere a Geulá (A redenção final) e que sejamos salvos da guerra de Gog e Magog, porque o Eterno espera que todos os judeus tenham essas orações escritas com devoção suprema; e do qual não temos entendimento.

כי רק לעתיד לבוא יתגלה לנו מעט מזעיר חלק מטריליון מגדולתם וסודותהם, והכוח לפעול מיד את כל אשר כתוב בהם, שכולם נמשכין מאדם קדמון דאדם קדמון, מסוד המנורה הטהורה, שעליה אומר הקדושת לוי בפרשת תרומה, שאור המנורה נמשך מהאור הגנוז, שבכלל לא יכול להתלבש בעולם הזה,

Porque somente no futuro uma pequena fração de um bilhão de sua grandeza e seus segredos nos serão revelados, e o poder de agir imediatamente sobre tudo o que está escrito neles, que todos eles são extraídos de Adam Kadmon De Adam Kadmon, do segredo da Menorá pura; Kedushat Leví fala sobre esse assunto, ao comentar a Parashá de Terumá, dizendo que a luz da Menorá vem da luz dos 7 dias da criação chamada "Or Ha'Ganuz", uma luz que não pode ser coberta ou usada para nada neste mundo.

ובזכות זה הרב ימשיך לחיות כמו יוכבד 250 שנה (רמב"ן בראשית מו"טו) כי יוכבד 250 + 40 שנה של המדבר עד שנכנסו לארץ, ונקברה בארץ הגליל בסמוך לטבריה,

E que em mérito disso pode o Rav continuar a viver como Yoheved que viveu por 250 anos (diz o Ramban em Bereshit 46:15); porque Yoheved viveu 250 + 40 anos no deserto até entrarem na terra prometida, e ela foi sepultada na terra da Galileia perto de Tiberíades.

כי התפילות הללו חם כמו נר לכל העולם, לחפש בגנזיא דמלכא, ולגלות את כל הסודות התורה, ועל ידי זה הרב יחיה נ"ר שנים, כי כל אדם יכול לחיות נר שנים, כי הגאולה תהיה, ואז יתגלה משיח בן דויד בשלמות, וירד הבית המקדש של אש, ובזכות זה נזכה לביאת המיח צדקינו, ולגאולה השלמה במהירה אמן ואמן.

Porque essas orações são tão importantes quanto uma lâmpada para o mundo inteiro, que é usada para procurar "Guinezaya De Malka" (Os Tesouros da Rainha), E para revelar todos os segredos da Torá, e através disso que o mestre viva. Que viva o Rav por muitos anos, porque cada pessoa poderá viver muitos anos, porque a redenção acontecerá, e então o Messias filho de Davi será plenamente revelado, e o templo de fogo descerá, e graças a isso teremos o mérito de ver a vinda do Mashiah Tzedekeinu, e a redenção completa muito rapidamente, amém e amém.